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Just4Kids Physio - Treatments and Services

Just4Kids Physio offers advice and treatment for a wide variety of children’s conditions or symptoms.

Neurological Conditions

Cerebral palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Developmental delay, Syndromes, Movement Disorders.

Orthopaedic Conditions/ Surgery

Joint and muscle problems, post – fractures and injuries, postural pain, growing pains.

Poor Balance and Co-ordination

Developmental co-ordination disorder, Dyspraxia, Clumsy child syndrome, ligament laxity.

Posture and Walking Problems

Toe walking, flat feet, awkward gait.

Obesity Management

Regular, progressive exercise and management of obesity related joint pain.

Development Advice

Flattened head shape, development of the premature baby, delay in developmental milestones.

Head Injuries

Early Rehab to ongoing therapy.

At the initial appointment your physiotherapist will make a detailed assessment of your child’s condition and needs, including information from parents/carers, family members and other professionals where appropriate.

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